Grand Commandery

of Knights Templar of the State of Indiana

Lawrence J. Williams

Lawrence J. Williams with Lady Claire
Current Office:
Grand Commander

Home Commandery:
LaPorte Commandery #12

Lawrence was born September 1953 to James L. Williams and Joanne C. (LaBarr) Williams in Gary, Indiana. He has three younger brothers, Terry from Hobart, IN; Pat from Crosby, TX; and David from Francisville, IN.

In 1973 he married Claire L. Naylor. They have two children, Timothy and Brooke and one grandchild.

Larry graduated Crown Point High School in 1972. 1973 – 1990 worked at Bethlehem Steel, Burns Harbor Plant on the plant fire department as an Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter. In 1985 he earned an Associate’s Degree in Applied Fire Science from Indiana Vocational Technical College. From 1990 to 1995 he has worked various production jobs as a Laborer at the Sintering Plant to a Line Inspector in the Cold Mill. From 1995 to the present he is currently working as a Mechanical Millwright in the 80” Hot Strip Mill, employed at “Arcelor Mittal, Burns Harbor Plant”.

He was a member of the Town of Porter Volunteer Fire Department for 20 years. He served as Safety Officer, State Certified Training Officer and State Certified Fire Scene Investigator. He was the Deputy Fire Chief when he left in 1997.
Masonic History

Free and Accepted Masons of Indiana

Petitioned Calumet Lodge #379 located in Chesterton, Indiana for the Degrees of Freemasonry and received them on the following dates:
Entered Apprentice - March 2000
Fellow Craft - April 2000
Master Mason – June 2000

Elected to serve as Master of the Lodge - 2006

Scottish Rite
Became a member of the South Bend Valley - 2001
Became a member of the “Knights of St. Andrew” - 2011

York Rite
Became a member of the Michigan City “York Rite Masons” – 2004
Served as “Thrice Illustrious Master” – Michigan City Council #56 – 2007
Served as “Eminent Commander” – Michigan City Commandery #30 – 2008
Served as “High Priest” – Michigan City Chapter #25 – 2009
Received – KYCH – J. Herbert Nichols Priory #76 - 2010

Grand Commandery
Served as Deputy Battalion #1 Commander 2007-2009
Appointed to the Grand Line - 2010

Yeoman of York- Preceptory #1
Became a member – 2006
Served as Director General – 2012
Serving as Recorder/Treasurer - 2013

Northwest Indiana York Rite College #73
Became a member – 2008
Elected as Treasurer – 2009

Allied Masonic Degrees
Charter member of Valparaiso “Allied Masonic Degrees - Council #470” - 2009
Served as Sovereign Master – 2011
Serving as Treasurer – 2012-13