Grand Commandery

of Knights Templar of the State of Indiana

Right Eminent Grand Commander's Pin


The Symbolism and Meaning Behind the Design

The concept for my lapel pin for 2019-2020 was conceived and designed by Past Most Illustrious Grand Master and Sir Knight John Bridegroom. I informed John that my vision for this year was for our Sir Knights to be more aggressive in both spreading our Message and recruiting Membership, using the tools of our Order, but most importantly the sword and buckler, when we were told as Pilgrim Warriors to pick up that sword and buckler and to go forth and defend the Christian Religion. The inner part of my pin represents the humble beginnings of our ancient brother, surrounded by the Latin SIGILLVVM MILITVM XPISTI, translated as Seal of the Soldiers of Christ. The shield reminds us that the path to salvation is not easy one and is littered with temptations and obstacles along the way. The black and white within the shield reminds us of the Beauceant, or the battle flag of the ancient Templars, wherein we learn that the Templars were fair and favorable to the friends of Christ, but dark and terrible to his enemies. We bear this banner in memory of our ancient companions and as an incentive to emulate their self-sacrifice and devotion. The crossed swords should remind all of us of our solemn obligation at the Alter as Knights Templar, and that we have all Sealed our Faith at the point of the sword to protect and defend destitute widows, helpless orphans, and the Christian Religion.

Mike Robbins KCT, GC